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Talent Foundation

Who we are!

The Talent foundation PvT is a small charity fund with a board settled in The Netherlands counting 5 members and with several country committees situated in the countries where the talents are.
All is based on voluntary work and no allowances are paid, which means all funds are spent on the projects.

Talent foundation PvT was founded on the 24th of October 1991 in the Netherlands and was named after the father of the founder Mrs. Yvonne Mulder – van Tilburg.
A man with a mission, a family man, and a tradesman, Peter van Tilburg taught his five children his philosophy in life: the bible story of the parable of the talents. It emphasizes that every person has talents and skills. “You owe it to yourself to develop these and to share them with your community and country”.

The fund received the approval of CBS (Centraal Bureau Fondsenwerving). This is the certificate of “verklaring van geen bezwaar”.
For more information, please visit Also the ANBI status was obtained in 2008.

What we do!

Talent foundation supports Talents: individual young people, between 15 and 30 years old, worldwide, who lack opportunities in developing their talents and skills. The Foundation supports them in realizing their dreams. These talents are the stronger individuals living in a poor environment. In the field of sports, arts, culture, and education the Talents are supported in realizing their goals using the set up of small businesses.

How we work!

Since 2006 the board of the Talent foundation works with so-called Country Committees. A committee is set up in the country where the talents need to be developed. A member of the Country Committee is familiar with ways of working and knows the Talent and intermediaries personally.

The country committees are in principle autonomous in their activities but give substantive and financial account to the governing board. The projects are mainly introduced by country-committees. These are people known personally to the board of management in the Netherlands. They look for contacts with local organizations and schools for individuals to be selected.

The selected Talents are guided by a local intermediate. Several personal interviews take place by members of the country committee before approval.

Where do we work?

Presently we have country-committees located in Argentina, Guatemala, India, Indonesia, Kenia, Malawi, Nepal and Thailand.

The foundation generates its funds through donations, fundraising events, sponsorships and a diversity of activities, mainly in the Netherlands / Europe.

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