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101 Columns in weekly newspaper FORUM in 2016 and 2017

Also available in the book 'Lichtpuntjes'

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Bright spots Terroristic attacks

When violence comes, the law of the jungle comes as well.


A eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

Everything has already been said, shown, analysed. And yet. There are no words to
describe the terroristic outrage done to Brussels, Europe, the world. The spiral of
violence leaves us in shock.

The history of mankind shows many different forms of violence. In all centuries, in
all times. An ideology can change human beings into monsters, to whom lives of
other people have become worthless. Everything is sacreficed to a false interpretation
of patterns of thought, which reset the brain like poisonous snakes.


These violent young men and women have mothers. Mothers who cherished their
children, breast fed them, raised them, but wre forced to abandon them due to evil
forces and see them change into programmed machines.
A different culture is no excuse. No more than authorities stirring up hatred. Millions
of people flee and seek refuge because they can’t endure the suffering any longer.


Today hate and violence are entering everyone’s life. Those who lost their loved ones
so brutally and unexpectedly have no tears left . Those directly involved, but also
everyone who follows the news on radio, television, iPad or cellphone are
overwhemed by anger, impotence, despair and intense grief.


Impressive letters and articles are sent to the newspapers. Whole and partial solutions
are put forward. But who knows the answer?


Perhaps there is only one answer. And that’s a total change in mentality. It is the road
to tolerance, to freedom of thinking without hurting others. But that road is long and
impassable for many. Only young people may have the flexibility of mind to enter
new roads. It is a huge responsibility for everyone involved in the lives of youngsters
to show them how to pursue the course to a world in which respect and tolerance are


Child-soldiers are trained to murder, set fire, and to use force. Any moral sense is
oppressed. If this kind of brainwashing is possible, then the opposite should be
possible as well – convincing young people that another way of living, without
violence, is also possible. But that requires incredible effort and patience, lots of
understanding and love and an unremitting struggle against prejudices.


Can we bring ourselves to make such drastic changes?

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