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I like to share some relevant information. 

Born at The Hague in The Netherlands I followed highschool at Sacré Coeur.  From 1959-1960 I studied in Meadville PA USA with an AFS scholarship. And guess what, the FBI asked me to apply. However, I returned home and started my first job at the American Embassy in The Hague. I married a medical doctor and we have three daughters. Anno 2019 we have eleven grandchildren as well. For almost 20 years I owned my own business Art Poetry & Design and I worked with many wellknown artists and poets in commissioned projects. I wrote books, poetry, organized art exhibitions, gave lectures, travelled the world and presented many events. In 2001 I was a member of the first governmental Female Trademission in  Berlin. Next to this I was a member of several Boards and worked as a volunteer.

In 1991 I was the 'founding mother' of the Peter van Tilburg Foundation, to honor my father. Since 2006 this organisation has a more international name: Talent Foundation PvT.

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Family, friends and contacts worldwide


Your family is your sanctuary  is a statement I cherish.

I like to include my friends and contacts in this.Being hearing impairedit’s a treasure to be able to stay in touch with everyone of them through What’s app, LinkedIn, Facebook and WordFeud.

After retirement new challenges came along. I wrote several books among them a children's book. It was the  starting point for The Story Hat, a performance for children in schools, children’s hospitals and homes for the elderly. Performing for  a.combination of people with dementia and toddlers turned out to be  worthwhile for both groups. During the world exhibition the Floriade  (2012) I gave many performances for school classes and tourists.

The Story Hat has been published in Dutch, English and German.


Published books

1985 Vrouwen van glas, verhalen  (Uitg.Hans Elzenga)

1986 Poëzieaktief, Poetryactive  (Uitg. Nashua)

vanaf 1988   14 mini-dichtbundeltjes

1991 Zorgzaamheid, met Jan Eijkelboom, Hermine de Graaf en Nico Liedorp  (Uitg. Kempen Pers)

1996-2009   Greve Eindhoven, eindejaarsgedichten

1998 Met z’n allen tegen één, All against one  (Uitg. poetrYvonne)

2002 Een handvol vlinders dagkalender  (Uitg. poetrYvonne)

2005 Een beetje kleur (Nl, En en Chinees)         (Uitg. Lannoo)

2005 A touch of color/ 英文诗  (Uitg. poetrYvonne)

2006 Peter v.Tilburg, koopman Benoordenhout  (Uitg. Couvée)

2009 Leaving traces, Pictures and Poems -  by Lyle Jones and Yvonne Mulder

2010 Het laatste woord, foto’s en gedichten

2010 Harvest time, the seasons of life       -  by Lyle Jones and Yvonne Mulder

2011 (Eigen)wijze woorden van 1 tot 70

2012 De Verhalenhoed, The Story Hat, Ein Hut voll Geschichten, kinderboek t.g.v. de Floriade  (Uitg. poetrYvonne)

2014 ‘Zwerfboek’ Van poëzie tot poesiealbum  (Uitg. poetrYvonne)

2015 Kom bij mij maar geen gedichten eten – foto’s en gedichten  (Uitg. poetrYvonne)

         Poetry for chewing, not eating - pictures and poems

2017 Lichtpuntjes – beelden en columns   (Uitg. Aquazz)

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